<![CDATA[Divorce Help Blog - Blog]]>Thu, 14 Jan 2016 10:20:04 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Marriage Counseling For A Loving Relationship]]>Thu, 10 Sep 2015 08:50:36 GMThttp://divorcehelpblog.weebly.com/blog/marriage-counseling-for-a-loving-relationshipMany marriages experience challenges due to negative communication, affairs and simply growing apart. Marriage counseling can be essential in helping a couple to continue a loving relationship.

Most marriages begin with an optimistic young couple who is certain that their love will see them through whatever trials life will bring. However, statistics show that nearly half of marriages will end in divorce. This can be a difficult decision for spouses and may impact their children negatively as well. While it may be the right decision for some couples, many could avoid a painful and costly divorce with the help of a professional. In many cases, marriage counseling is essential for continuing your loving relationship.

Some couples develop negative communication patterns as the honeymoon phase wears off. They may criticize one another or harp on a partner’s faults and failings. In difficult conversations one partner may become hostile while another withdraws. A counselor can help couples to see the damage their words can cause and may introduce them to more positive and constructive ways to express their feelings. The counselor may coach them as they talk through their disagreements and help them to deescalate arguments before they become toxic.

While some partners argue frequently, others feel that they have simply grown apart. The challenges of work and parenting may result in partners who live together but are leading separate lives. They may only talk and cuddle infrequently. Counseling can help a couple to restore physical and emotional intimacy and rebuild the connection they once felt.

Many people consider a divorce after their partner has had an affair. The partner who has cheated may be repentant, but the partner who was cheated on may feel betrayed and have difficulty trusting their spouse again. Recovery is not impossible, but it can be challenging. Counseling can facilitate open communication and help to rebuild trust and honesty in a relationship.

Some couples have chosen to stay together for the sake of their children or simply because they do not want to divorce, but their marriage may continue to experience problems due to unrealistic expectations, faulty communication or negative behaviors. An unhappy marriage can be as damaging for a child as a divorce, and parents who choose to stay together despite their differences should seek professional help so they can improve their relationship and provide their children with a model for resolving problems in a healthy and proactive way.

All marriages experience ups and downs. Some problems are insurmountable, but many conflicts can be resolved with the help of a marriage counselor, who can help a warring couple to return to a loving relationship. Couples who are experiencing challenges should contact a divorce attorney in Monterey to discuss their options, visit this website.

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<![CDATA[Do Marriage Workshops Actually Save Your Marriage?]]>Thu, 10 Sep 2015 06:41:04 GMThttp://divorcehelpblog.weebly.com/blog/do-marriage-workshops-actually-save-your-marriageMany couples seeking to resolve problems or simply to improve their marriages choose to participate in a marriage workshop, but can these programs actually save a struggling marriage? Many studies have been conducted to determine the long-term outcomes of marriage workshops.

What Do Workshops Teach?

Many workshops focus on effective communication. Some couples struggle because their arguments quickly escalate into full-blown fights or because they allow irritations to fester silently. A marriage workshop may train couples to:

• Listen closely

• Repeat what they think they heard

• Argue in a fair way

• Respond with empathy

• Express affection even when upset

• Take breaks to cool down

• Recognize a partner’s bid to deescalate a conflict

Marriage Workshop Outcomes

Experts suggest that a marriage workshop is akin to a driver’s education course. Although most of us have seen a marriage or two in action, we don’t have any real training in making one work. A workshop can impart the skills necessary to navigate the road of a relationship more successfully. After participating in a marriage workshop:

• Many couples exhibit more positive communication patterns.

• Participants may disagree more constructively without damaging the relationship.

• Partners report greater emotional and physical intimacy.

• The divorce rate for participants is often lower than that of the general population.

Marriage workshops can teach couples to communicate more effectively and to maintain their bond through a conflict. Visit this website to contact a Spousal Support Lawyer in Pacific Grove and learn more about marriage workshops.

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<![CDATA[Family Law and You]]>Mon, 07 Sep 2015 05:56:18 GMThttp://divorcehelpblog.weebly.com/blog/family-law-and-youLaws regarding property and parental rights in divorce vary by state. If you are considering divorce, don’t rely on advice from friends and family. Speak to an attorney to be sure your rights are protected.
<![CDATA[4 Reasons For Military Family Conflict]]>Mon, 07 Sep 2015 05:50:33 GMThttp://divorcehelpblog.weebly.com/blog/4-reasons-for-military-family-conflictMilitary life has some unique stressors. No matter how prepared you and your spouse consider yourselves to be, the impact of multiple PCS and deployments will still influence the health of your relationship. Here are some of the most common reasons military couples find themselves experiencing conflict.

1.    Your spouse can’t keep a job.

When you move, your job goes with you. This is not true of your civilian spouse, who may find that frequent re-locations make building a career challenging if not impossible. This can cause stress, resentment, and boredom.

2.    Domestic responsibilities are lop-sided.

While you are away on lengthy deployments or at sea, you spouse is primarily responsible for the child care, home maintenance, paying the bills, and handling all emergencies that pop up. This can be a lot of work for one person to handle, even with all the social services available to military families.

3.    Communication is not reliable.

Nowadays everyone is accustomed to having a smart phone for instant access to email, text messaging, and conversation. You may spend months or years at a time in locations where this convenience is unreliable or non-existent.

4.    Other people can interfere.

Worst case scenario is your spouse may cheat on you while you are away, but even close family members can become an emotional support for your spouse that encroaches on your relationship in ways that are difficult to change once you return home. Maybe an uncle has become a father figure to your toddler while you were gone, or a grandmother is accustomed to having your child in her home every weekend.

If your relationship is showing signs of strain that you think cannot be repaired, Visit this website to consult with a military divorce attorney in California. This law firm is specialized in the unique legal issues that military couples face during a divorce.

<![CDATA[Tips for Understanding Child Support in California]]>Tue, 18 Aug 2015 18:10:56 GMThttp://divorcehelpblog.weebly.com/blog/tips-for-understanding-child-support-in-californiaChild support is a continual, periodic payment made by a parent after a divorce for the child’s fiscal benefit. Usually the parent without custody makes the payment to the parent with custody, or in a legal definition, the obligor pays child support to the obligee. Sometimes, if the parents have joint custody of their children, the one with a higher income makes child support payments to the other. While there are many intricacies in Californian child support, employing the services of a family law attorney can make the process easier and less stressful.

In California, child support is determined by each parent’s income and the amount of time the children spend with each parent. Other factors that go into this calculation include home mortgage or rent payments and cost of childcare. Payments usually continue until a child turns 18. The court cannot force the obligation of both parents to pay for the child’s welfare unless one of them makes an order asking for support. These installments can also pay for medical support for children or health insurance. Child support lawyers can assist both parents in establishing a payment plan before they go before a judge and may also act as a mediator should any disputes arise.

Child support is usually a monthly payment, but many times parents may lapse in their payments and fall behind. When this happens, it becomes increasingly hard to catch up and the government will send notices regarding the fees owed. Child services will take enforcement action if the parent does not compromise the payments owed, also known as “arrears,” or rework the payment plan. If the parent doesn’t do this, however, child services may suspend the parent’s driver’s license or acquire tax returns. Child support lawyers can aid parents in resolving these issues, whether that’s through a reassessment of the support payments or filing for extensions.

Hiring a child support lawyer can take the burden off of parents when it comes to dealing with the custody process both before and after trial. Before legal proceedings, attorneys deal with paperwork, translate complicated court proceedings into everyday language, discuss options, offer counsel, calculate child support and explain the entire legal process behind child custody. During trial, custody lawyers represent one parent and present evidence to convince the court their client deserves custody of their children. Practicing custody law requires state licensure and a law degree, to ensure every party is adequately and legally represented. To learn more about hiring a child support lawyer in San Diego, visit this website.

<![CDATA[Restraining Order]]>Tue, 18 Aug 2015 13:47:18 GMThttp://divorcehelpblog.weebly.com/blog/restraining-orderCan a restraining order help you? If you’ve told someone repeatedly to leave you alone and they continue to harass you, you may be entitled to legal protection. Learn more about types of restraining orders and how to protect yourself.
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<![CDATA[How Does A Mediator Help With Child Custody?]]>Tue, 18 Aug 2015 13:24:26 GMThttp://divorcehelpblog.weebly.com/blog/how-does-a-mediator-help-with-child-custodyWhen two parents choose to separate, they often need to come up with a child custody plan that is fair for both of them as well as the child. The child will need to have enough time with both parents. However, conflicting schedules do not always make it easy. Some people may not want to share custody with their former partner, which is why they may need help from a mediator.

Understanding the Issues Between Parents

During the first mediation session, the mediator will listen to both parents while they discuss their concerns. There may be a few different reasons that they are not meeting eye to eye. Some of those reasons include:

• Belief that the child would be better off living with them.

• Concerned that they are not seeing their child enough during the week.

• Worried about what the child is doing when he/she is not with them.

Coming Up With Favorable Solutions

The mediator does not take sides. Instead, he or she is there to help both parties reach an agreement that is ideal for them. A custom child custody plan may be in order based on the schedules of both the parents and the child. If both individuals can agree to the plan devised by the mediator who is trying to help them out, they can then sign papers stating that they are willing to follow the agreement. If you would like to learn more, check out the website for details on how a child custody lawyer in San Diego can help you out.